São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)

The University of Surrey works closely with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) to facilitate mobility and research collaborations between staff at the University of Surrey and in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Surrey’s partnership with FAPESP includes involvement in two calls: the SPRINT programme provides funding for staff mobility between Surrey and Sao Paulo Higher Education Institutions in connection with active FAPESP research projects. In 2017 the University of Surrey and FAPESP signed an additional agreement for a Regular Research Award.



This funding initiative focuses on the mobility of staff between the University of Surrey and Higher Education Institutions in Sao Paulo connected to active FAPESP research projects. Collaborators are invited to apply for funds for travel, accommodation and subsistence up to £6,000 from each partner (Surrey applicants should include a budget for Surrey mobility to Sao Paulo). 

The University of Surrey is participating in the SPRINT 3rd Edition 2018

The call is now open and invites research proposals from permanent academic staff from all academic disciplines. The proposal may include exchange of staff and PhD students, as well as mobility as part of workshops and scientific seminars. The project proposal should include:

  • A Research Project with a maximum of five pages of scientific content, written jointly by the principal investigator of the host Institution in the State of São Paulo and the principal investigator at the University of Surrey. The research Project must be written in English. One copy of the Research Project should be sent to FAPESP and a duplicate (identical) copy to the University of Surrey. Further steps required to complete the application to FAPESP can be found on the SPRINT website. 
  • The following additional documents are required by the University of Surrey:
    • Letter of agreement of the Associate Dean International (ADI)
    • Letter of agreement of the host institution in the State of São Paulo to which the principal investigator from São Paulo is affiliated. The same document is required by FAPESP. The letter of agreement may be delivered after the notification of results of this Call for Project proposals and before the grant agreement signature
    • Completed University of Surrey SPRINT budget form.

For further detailed guidance please refer to the Surrey SPRINT Guidelines document. Complete proposals should be submitted to FAPESP via the online portal and to Louise Lawton at the University of Surrey no later than 29 October 2018

FAPESP Regular Research Award

FAPESP and the University of Surrey invite permanent members of staff affiliated to higher education and research institutes in the State of São Paulo and researchers affiliated to the University of Surrey to submit a proposal for a Regular Research Award. Funding of up to £20,000 per year for a maximum of two years (£40,000 in total) is available for successful projects through a matched funding scheme. The deadline for submissions is Monday 4 June 2018. Proposals should be submitted to FAPESP and to Ms Louise Lawton, Global Engagement Office. Please be aware that Surrey staff must register on the FAPESP SaGE system at least one week before the deadline to  approve of the FAPESP submission. For further information, including guidance on how to submit the proposal, please visit the FAPESP website.

Internal queries should be directed to Ms Louise Lawton (louise.lawton@surrey.ac.uk) in the Global Engagement Office.