Professor David Oliver

Professor David Oliver

Consultant Physician Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Senior Visiting Fellow, The Kings Fund, London

President-elect, British Geriatrics Society

Visiting Professor of Medicine for Older People, City University London

Expert Clinical Advisor NHS Interim Management and Support (IMAS) Team

Practising doctor for 25 years specialising in geriatric and general medicine.  Consultant since 1998 (South London til 2004 and Royal Berkshire since).  Lead clinician and clinical director in both helping lead service change and development.

Former Senior Lecturer, University of Reading (School of Health and Social Care)

Department of Health National Clinical Director for Older Peoples Services 2009-13 - seconded to Civil Service alongside clinical role.

In academic role have published over 100 papers, chapter and articles and co-held several grants, done a great deal of teaching, lecturing and some supervision of PhD and Masters students.  Special interest in falls and bone health, health services for older people, ethics and law, age discrimination.

Have provided numerous peer reviews, expert reviews for courts, regulators and other hospitals and helped governments in Asia with training and service models for older people.  And in my IMAS role regularly go into other hospitals to help with quality improvement in services for older people.

Work for Kings Fund centering on integrated services for older people and have worked with several localities in England and Wales.

Frequent media commentator on care for older people.

Have first degrees in medicine (Cambridge), Physiology (Oxford), Research Doctorate (London), Maters in Healthcare Ethics and Law (Manchester), Health Management (London), Health Leadership (Middlesex) and Diploma in Medical Education.  Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Royal Society of Medicine.

Current Projects

My secondment to the Government and then to the Kings Fund and IMAS, together with my BGS role means that I am not currently too research active.

Main current focus is writing a new position paper for Kings Fund on "making services fit for our ageing population" coupled with a conference in October to launch it.

I am sharing an NIHR Grant worth c £400k with colleagues (Jon Glasby's Team) at the University of Birmingham on Older People's experience of acute hospital attendance and admission and have been working with colleagues at Brunel on work on Dignity in Care for Older People.  I am also supervising a PhD student (a consultant nurse) at City who is looking at barriers to earlier diagnosis of dementia.  I would say I was a junior partner in these ventures though and won't have lots of research time til I stand down from my other roles.  I do teach on health leadership and health management modules and new patient safety module at City and also regularly teach on Kings Fund Courses.

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