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Current and pending projects

The aim of the project is to demonstrate and prototype new game-inspired apps and online resources to increase awareness and knowledge of the engineering disciplines, enhance core and common engineering fundamentals (skills and technical competencies) relevant across university degree programmes. Specifically, attention is given to innovative resource development in 3 distinct areas:

  • University education on common engineering technical themes particularly relevant to widening participation in Postgraduate Taught (PGT) programmes
  • Work-transition / transferrable skills development pertaining to cross-functional skills such as advanced communication and presentation skills, professional ethics and teamwork, and relevant to UG, PGT and PGR programmes
  • Late primary school / early secondary school level education on the nature of engineering and its role and impact on society. (i.e. primary outreach)


The use of 3D Printers in educational contexts is becoming increasingly popular, as exemplified by the UK’s Department for Education report on their use in schools for “enriching the teaching of STEM and design subjects” (DfE-00219, 2013). High-impact initiatives are also being reported in Higher Education contexts, including prototype development, design exploration and component / molecular / process visualisation. Although initial HE applications have had a natural affinity towards mechanical and structural engineering programmes, diverse and cross-discipline applications in areas such as medical and bio-engineering (e.g. tissue scaffolds), food processing (e.g. food printing) and more generally chemical product engineering (i.e. the link between product formulation, structure and performance with relevance to e.g. food, pharmaceuticals and personal care products) are rapidly emerging. Moreover, the integration of 3D Printers into engineering curricula is leading to much interest in pedagogy, and specifically innovative approaches to enhance the teaching and learning experience. The project involves the facilitation of novel teaching and learning activities through 3D Printer technology.


The project explores the use of Mobile Apps in Chemical Engineering Education, and involves an on-going update of current applications in Higher Education and the classification of effective design approaches and formats for, e.g., student engagement, development and support. Attention is also given to App development tools that are best suited for educational contexts. Currently the development of two prototype Apps are being undertaken, one referred to as the My Teaching Assistant and the other as the Lecture Periscope; further details to be revealed later in the year!


Student-led activities

Student-Led Activities are initiatives that are principally managed and run by the students themselves, but endorsed by ICEePAD as exemplars of an entrepreneurial, philanthropic, humanitarian or community-support spirit. The students have access to the shared expertise of the ICEePAD Steering Group, and supported on the set-up, implementation, growth and sustainability of their initiative as appropriate to the specific needs.

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