Dr Konstantinos Nikitopoulos

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of signal processing for wireless communication systems. In particular, my work strives to realize pragmatic, energy-efficient wireless communication systems able to provide the performance predicted by cutting-edge theoretical trends; with a focus on those trends that hold a great potential to form the basis of 5G wireless networks. Targeting orders of magnitude improvement in processing latency and/or energy consumption, my research tries to bridge three complimentary research areas: (a) centralized and distributed, traditional and multi-user multiple antenna (MIMO) systems with extensions to large antenna numbers, (b) advanced channel encoding/decoding schemes including iterative soft-input, soft-output approaches (e.g. turbo and LDPC) and efficient rateless/fountain codes, and (c) advanced (iterative) receiver processing for challenging transmission environments and non-orthogonal signal transmissions



Applied Mathematics for Communication Systems (Module Leader)

Advanced 5G Wireless Technologies


Digital Signal Processing B

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 3423

Find me on campus
Room: 03 CII 01


My scholarly contributions and academic indexes can be found here.

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