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  • Sunday 01 Oct. 2017

University of Surrey Orchestra Day - Sunday 1st October

Introducing the NEW University of Surrey Orchestra

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  • Tuesday 31 Oct. 2017

Seeing the Unseen: Public Event

Discover the hidden wonders of the Universe

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  • Wednesday 08 Nov. 2017

Annual Architecture Lecture - Rising to the challenge –managing development in a historic environment

Growth in the south east is putting increased pressure on our historic cities and towns and on the cherished landscapes, including Green Belt land, which surrounds them. Heritage is synonymous with character, and places with character are inevitably in the greatest demand. Historic towns cannot, however, be frozen in time; they must continue to grow and evolve. For this to happen in a way which does not weaken, but reinforces, the intrinsic appeal of the town, we must change our approach to new development.


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  • Tuesday 21 Nov. 2017

Gravitational Waves Discovery Public Talk

Join us for a series of short talks about the Gravitational Wave detection of colliding neutron stars.


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  • Thursday 23 Nov. 2017

Morag Morris Poetry Lecture 2017 - Tiffany Atkinson: "What can I say? Poetry and Embarrassment"

Join us for this annual literature flagship event presenting a talk by award winning poet and professor of Creative Writing, Tiffany Atkinson. Atkinson will explore some new thoughts about lyric poetry and embarrassment, drawing on a range of poets as well as some of her current work. Part reflection on practice, part literary examination of the theme, this talk will be of interest to writers and readers of poetry alike.

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  • Wednesday 29 Nov. 2017

Bright Club

Described as ‘the thinking person’s comedy night’, Bright Club is an event that transforms academics into comedians for one night only with highly entertaining (and surprisingly educational!) results.


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  • Thursday 30 Nov. 2017

A Moonlight Serenade: Lunchtime Recital


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  • Tuesday 05 Dec. 2017

The Politics of Independence in Catalonia

In October, Catalonia voted for independence from Spain in an unofficial and violence-ridden referendum. Since then Spain has descended into a deep political crisis.

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