Information Management

Wider information set

As part of its work with partner organisations to address the importance of information about higher education, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) have committed to making it easier for students and the wider public to access the existing wider set of information that higher education institutions (HEIs) publish about their courses.

This information collectively is known as the 'wider information set', which aims to:

  • inform the public about the quality of HE, and in particular, help provide potential students with information that will help them make a choice about what and where to study
  • help provide evidence to contribute to quality assurance processes in institutions (specifically review by the QAA
  • help provide information that institutions can use to enhance the quality of their HE provision.

Information on Institutional Context

  • Mission Statement
    Our mission: The University of Surrey is a research-led institution pursuing learning, scholarship and research, and advancing and disseminating knowledge. The University is committed to working closely with its students, business, government and civil society to transition knowledge to the benefit of humanity.

    Our vision: The University of Surrey is committed to being a leading national and international university. Our high quality teaching, learning, research and enterprise, will be delivered in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner, within an academic community that values collegiality and professionalism, providing our students with skills that allow them to maximise their potential.

    Taken from the 'University Strategy 2012-17' (p.5). Link: Corporate Documents web pages.

  • Corporate plan or equivalent strategic statement on HE provision
    'The University Strategy 2012-17', access via the Corporate Documents web pages.
  • Statement of quality assurance policies and processes
    Within the Directorate of Quality Enhancement & Standards web pages.
  • Learning and teaching strategy
    'Learning and teaching strategy, 2010-17'
  • Information on partnerships
    Associated Institutions web pages.
    Global Partners (International Relations Office) web pages.
  • Employability statements
    Careers Service web pages.
    Further information can be accessed via Unistats - University of Surrey

Information about aspects of courses and awards

The I-graduate Student Barometer is an annual global survey for all students. Results are used internally for benchmarking purposes and to improve the student experience.

Information on the quality and standards of programmes 

  • Procedures and outcomes for programme approval, monitoring and review
    Detailed information can be found within the Programme Life Cycle web pages within the Directorate of Quality Enhancement & Standards web pages.
  • External examination procedures
    Detailed information can be found within the External Examiners web pages within the Directorate of Quality Enhancement & Standards web pages.
  • Policies for student complaints, appeals and representations.
    All relevant policies can be found within the Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation (OSCAR) web pages.