The healthcare sector is increasingly driven by technology. By 2030 healthcare delivery will have incorporated the concepts of cross-disciplinary working and the ability to rapidly assimilate and analyse large quantities of data. With the use of remote monitoring approaches this will transform the ways in which health is improved and sustained, and how diseases are managed.

The creation of the Innovation for Health Learning Laboratory, and associated academic activities, allows us to produce the next generation of graduates who are able to work across traditional boundaries of health and engineering sciences and contribute to delivering future health care solutions. The Innovation for Health Learning Laboratory is a key part of delivering this vision, where engineering students and health and bioscience students can learn each other’s language.

If students wish to span both fields of academic endeavour they will be able to do so. However, even if they decide to concentrate on their particular interests these facilities will continue to allow them to fully appreciate how team working and collaboration can provide improved outcomes for society.

The University of Surrey well placed to lead the Innovation for Health

We have exceptional strength across the fields of biosciences and engineering and have a long history in health-related engineering. A third of all medical physicists in the UK are graduates from our Medical Physics MSc programme - the longest established programme in the country in this specialty area. 

The mobile communication revolution continues to gain momentum and our Institute for Communication Systems is at the forefront developing the next generation of mobile communications based on the 5G platform. The intersection between health and technology has never been more aligned than it is today and the University of Surrey is uniquely positioned to build upon our expertise to provide innovative solutions to real-time monitoring of everything from patients to global epidemics.

An important part of realising our vision is our partnerships with key stakeholders both nationally and internationally. This includes the NHS through our links with our local hospitals and primary care practices, the Surrey Health Partnership and the academic health science network. However, our partnerships are much broader than just the NHS and include key commercial organisations such as Philips, McLaren and Zoetis and many of those involved in our 5G Innovation Centre such as Telefonica and Huawei. In addition, the linkage between human and animal health is an integral part of the University of Surrey’s One Health agenda. With the launch of our Veterinary School in 2014 the opportunity to incorporate novel approaches that cross the human/animal interface within our Innovation for Health programmes is particularly exciting.