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The Institute for Communication Systems (formerly the Centre for Communication Systems Research, CCSR) has a long standing track record of being a major academic research group in the field of wireless communications within Europe and historically it has a unique research approach on both satellite as well as terrestrial mobile communication systems.

This approach follows the aim of unifying and integration between these two systems at both the Network and Terminal levels, through optimisation of air-interfaces as well as network techniques. The research activities within the group encompass all levels of communication systems, from antennas & propagation, air interfaces, PHY, MAC, networking layer up to the service support platforms and distributed applications and user interfaces.

ICS has also a long standing track record in the UK where it was selected by industry as a core member of the UK Virtual Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Personal Communications.

ICS supports The MultiSphere Project and is also deeply involved in many 7th Framework IST projects.

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