Knowledge and Data Engineering

The number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing rapidly. There is also a growing deluge of data generated by different users and smart devices on the current Internet and the Web.

This data includes video and audio, social media, digital documents and many other sources of online information. There is also a growing trend to integrate the physical world information into the Internet.

The real world data observation and collection is supported by various sensory devices such as wireless sensor nodes deployed in different environments, smart phones and GPS. The diversity and heterogeneity of devices and resources in the communication networks and deluge of data create new challenges and issues such as storage, management, query support, discovery, interoperability, privacy, scalability and reliability for the current Internet networks and networks of the future.

The Knowledge and Data Engineering research at the Institute for Communication Systems (formerly the Centre for Communication Systems Research, CCSR) focuses on addressing the issues and challenges related to data analytics and knowledge management in large scale distributed and pervasive systems. The main research areas in this domain include: context-aware systems, pervasive computing, Internet of Things, Internet of Services, Machine-to-Machine communications, semantic technologies and AI, biologically inspired algorithms for complex systems, modelling and managing distributed systems, Future Internet and Future Web, semantic interoperability and data analytics in Cyber-Physical Systems.

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