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Test Report Forms (TRFs) will be issued on the 13th day following the test. You must specify the address to which the results should be sent on your application form and should inform the test centre in advance if you wish to collect the results in person.

Candidates will not be told their results over the phone or by fax/email.

Read more about your IELTS results from the British Council.

Your results will be available online 13 calendar days after your test through the British Council’s takeielts website. You will need to keep the candidate number you receive on the test day to log in along with your ID document (passport or EU NI Card) number.

Candidates can only receive one test report form. You may request up to five additional copies to be sent directly to academic institutions, government agencies, professional bodies or employers. Please complete the relevant section of your application with their contact details. This service is free of charge if you request the additional copies at the time of registration.

You may apply for an enquiry into your results within six weeks from the test date. Please email for more information. The fee is £110, and this is refunded if the results go up (please note, the results cannot go down).

After receiving your enquiry form, payment, and original test result form, we will send the appropriate test materials together with your enquiry form and an accompanying letter to the British Council. The British Council will notify us (the test centre) 2 to 21 days after the submission of the request. We will then immediately let you know the outcome.

Should your test result change due to the re-marking, your payment will be fully refunded within four weeks of the outcome and a new test report form will be issued.

Please note: that every attempt has been made to guarantee a fair and accurate assessment of your test result.

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