Academic Preparation

The British Council

It is important to be well prepared before you set out to the UK and one place you can contact for help and advice is your local British Council.

This organisation represents British life and institutions abroad and there are British Council offices in most countries. They produce a number of publications, including Studying and Living in Britain, which provide useful information to students intending to come to Britain. These should be available in your local office.

The British Council may also be able to help answer some of your questions about the visa application process and also arrange pre-departure sessions, which are really useful and cover essential topics such as immigration, banking, travel, safety, part-time work and studying in the UK.

Prepare for Success

To prepare for a new academic environment and learn more about British culture and what to expect when you get here, ‘Prepare for Success’ will help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.