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The Surrey Ion Beam Centre is an ISO9001 certified UK National Facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).


  • Lead major innovative research programmes within the framework of the Advanced Technology Institute in order to protect IP for the UK community
  • Initiate collaborative research projects and stimulate multi-disciplinary interactions, with the University, nationally and internationally
  • Enable innovative research programmes requiring the use of ion beams, including the introduction of ion beam methods to new discipline areas
  • Provide high quality facilities, intellectual input and a broad knowledge base to users
  • Strengthen close interaction with the user community and industry to determine and agree priorities in future resource development
  • Train and educate the UK community in the applications and technology of ion beams and provide a technology transfer to industry and academia
  • Contribute to the prosperity and competitiveness of UK industry

The IBC allows users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion beam analysis (IBA) and microbeam analysis. The IBC also has extensive processing and characterization facilities that can be made available to IBC customers.

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We welcome and encourage feedback from our customers on any aspect of our services. To send comments please email ibcfeedback@surrey.ac.uk.

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