Ion implantation

We offer a wide range of implantation and ion beam analysis facilities to the UK academic and industrial communities.

Implantation facilities

  • 2MV high energy implanter
  • 200kV high current implanter
  • Implantation 2 keV to 4 MeV
  • Sample sizes mm2 to 40cm x 40cm
  • Hot (1000°C) or cold (~LN) implants
  • In situ measurements can be made
  • Sample chambers in clean room (class 100)
  • Up to 10mA beam currents available.

Applications of implantation

  • Dopant implantation and activation
  • Materials modification
  • Synthesis e.g.: SIMOX, Silicides, Nitrides, MgB 2 GaN
  • Defect engineering
  • Light emission from Si
  • Carrier removal in III-V's
  • Laser and waveguide fabrication.