Nanofabrication Laboratory

The Nanofabrication Laboratory contains two electron microscopes and a dual-beam electron/ion microscope.

About the Laboratory

The electron microscopes and a dual-beam electron/ion microscope instruments have a range of extra equipment that together make the laboratory more than just another microscope lab. They turn the lab into a nanofabrication facility where structures and devices on the scale of a few nanometres to several micrometres are constructed.

In this laboratory we can fabricate and manipulate, in real-time, complex multi-component devices that can measure thermal and electrical conduction, forces on the scale of attoNewtons, single photons and devices based on carbon nanotubes. The scanning probe microscopy facility houses an Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) multiprobe system and two ambient atomic force microscopes (AFM). These instruments are used for imaging nanostructures with atomic resolution, the chemical analysis of surfaces and the determination of electronic properties of surfaces.

The ATI has developed a particular capability in very fine scale 3D machining using Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) lithography. By interfacing between CAD and the FIB via electron beam lithography controls we are able to sculpt fully 3-dimensional forms with excellent figure accuracy. This capability has been demonstrated in the formation of microlens templates that give excellent optical performance.

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