Research staff

Find out more about research staff in the Ion Beam Centre.

Meet the team

Dr Luke Antwis

Ion Beam Operations Engineer

Catia Costa profile image

Dr Catia Costa

Research Fellow

Dr Pierre Couture

Research Staff

David Cox profile image

Dr David Cox

Senior Research Fellow

Geoffrey Grime profile image

Dr Geoffrey Grime

Senior Research Staff

Keith Heasman profile image

Dr Keith Heasman

Quality Assurance Manager

Holly-May Lewis profile image

Dr Holly-May Lewis

Research Fellow

Vladimir Palitsin profile image

Dr Vladimir Palitsin

Laboratory Manager

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Dr Nianhua Peng

Research Fellow

Dr Matthew Sharpe

Research staff

Dr Richard Smith

Research Staff

Janella De Jesus profile image

Dr Janella Marie de Jesus

Research Fellow in Mass Spectrometry and Ion Beam Imaging