Courses and Conferences

IPROCOM aims to develop a cohort of 15 young scientists with the necessary depth and breadth of experience combined with the research and transferable skills required to communicate and work effectively across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries in the field of particulate product manufacturing and process engineering. 

IPROCOM will provide training on both the task-specific research skills  and the generic and transferable skills through a combination of local, e-learning, network-wide and external training activities. 

IPROCOM will run 5 Advanced Training Courses (ATCs)  and a Network Conference with focused themes as follows:

  • ATC 1 on "Process understanding: fundamentals & techniques"
  • ATC 2 on "Multi-scale modelling: theory & application"
  • ATC 3 on "Intelligent modelling: techniques & applications"
  • ATC 4 on "Regulation, legislation and good manufacturing practice (GMP)"
  • ATC 5 on "Complementary Skills for future S&T leaders"
  • Network Conference on “in silico Process Modelling”