Professor Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov

Research Interests

Bebhinn’s enduring research interests are in jurisprudence and criminal law theory. Her book on criminal attempts, published by Cambridge University Press in 2015, is structured around an Anscombian account of intentional action. Recent and ongoing work explores our understanding of the mind and considers its implications for criminal responsibility, mens rea, and for defences.  Bebhinn has begun to write a book on the philosophy of omissions.


Criminal Law


Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy

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  • . (2018) Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Courts and Crimes. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press
    [ Status: Accepted ]

Journal Articles

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2017) ‘Intention, Action and Non-observational Knowledge’ Ratio Juris (4)

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (forthcoming) ‘What it Means to Be Responsible for Action: Mind and Movement in Criminal Law.’ Journal of Law, Information and Science

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2013). ‘Law as a Claim-Maker: A Review of Stefano Bertea, The Normative Claim of Law’. Jurisprudence 4(2), 336-343.

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2012). ‘Dworkin's Morality and its Limited Implications for Law’. Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 25(1), 79-95.

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2011). ‘The Figuring of Morality in Adjudication: Not so Special?’. Ratio Juris 24(3), 284-303.

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2010). "Possibility, Impossibility and Extraordinariness in Attempts". Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 23(1), 47-70.

Donnelly-lazarov, B. (2008). “M Pettenger (ed): ‘The Social Construction of Climate Change: Power, Knowledge, Norms, Discourses’. Journal of Environmental Law 20(3), 468-469.

Donnelly-lazarov, B. (2007). 'Subjectivity and Law's Fields of Enquiry. Ratio Juris 20, 77-96.

Donnelly, B. & Bishop, P. (2007). Natural Law and Ecocentrism. Journal of Environmental Law 19(1), 89

Donnelly, B. (2007). Sentencing and Consequences: A Divergence between Blameworthiness and Liability to Punishment. New Criminal Law Review 10(3), 392

Donnelly-lazarov, B. (2006). 'The Epistemic Importance of the Factual Base in New and Traditional Natural Law Theory'. Law and Philosophy 25, 1-29.


Donnelly-Lazarov, B., Patterson, D. & Raynor, P. (Eds.). (n.d.) Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Crimes and Courts (forthcoming)  Cambridge University Press.

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2015). A Philosophy of Criminal Attempts (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Donnelly-lazarov, B. (2007). A Natural Law Approach to Normativity. Ashgate.

Book Chapters

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (n.d.) ‘Intention as Non-Observational Knowledge: Rescuing Responsibility from the Brain’ (forthcoming). In Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Crimes and Courts.

Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (2010) ‘Natural Law and the Possibility of Universal Normative Foundations’. In Fabri, H.R., Wolfrum, R. & Gogolin, J. (Ed.), Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law. (pp. 255-266). Oxford: Hart Publishing

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