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Useful websites

USL advertise all available accommodation on the USL Facebook group and Studentpad. These websites give you the ability to communicate with other students that may have a room available or you can post a message with your requirements so others can contact you.

Landlords and lettings agents mainly advertise on RightmoveZoopla and On The Market

You can also can look for available rooms on Easy Roommate or Spare Room.

Before you start looking:

Letting agents

With so many letting agencies to choose from, we encourage all students to ensure they have done sufficient research about what these agencies offer.

Agencies will charge a wide range of fees which varies from each agent and also have different requirements for you to pass their referencing process. Ensure you are clear about this before paying any monies or signing any application forms or tenancy agreements.

Letting agents we work with

With our commitment to providing a fair deal for students, USL work in partnership with the following letting agencies. These agencies have proven to treat students fairly and conduct their lettings operations in a transparent and honest manner.

We advise students searching for accommodation to consider properties with these letting agents in the first instance:

Affordability requirements

  • UK-based, employed guarantor is required for all tenants. (unless paying up front)
  • Guarantors are joint & severally liable.
  • 6-12 months’ rent in advance in the absence of a UK-based guarantor

Upfront costs

  • First month’s rent
  • 5 weeks rent as a security deposit.
  • Holding deposit equal to one weeks rent per property, deducted from first months rent.

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