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When starting out with your search for accommodation it is important that you take your time and choose the right type of accommodation for your needs. Before you can start looking for suitable accommodation there are a few things to think about.

Your home will impact on your wellbeing, relationships, lifestyle and health so make sure you take your time and make an informed decision.

Who do you want to live with?

Start by deciding whether you want to rent in a group or if living with a resident landlord would benefit you more.

Resident landlordHouse share
You are a lodger and do not have tenant rightsCovered by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985
No requirement to give notice to end the agreementThe landlord must provide written notice to end your tenancy (Section 21)
A resident landlord usually offers a more flexible contractOften no option to end your tenancy or replace yourself
Only responsible for your own rent, guarantors often not requiredJointly responsible for the rent of the whole property
Bills are usually included in the rentCollectively responsible for the household bills

When choosing who to live with make sure to discuss your schedules, needs, expectations and budget.

Work out your budget

When calculating how much you can afford it is advisable to use a budget calculator or speak to the Student Money team.

Take into account that utility bills are usually not included and you will have to take out content insurance to protect your belongings.

The University is launching a guarantor scheme for students. More information on how to access this service will be provided in February 2022.

Plan your location

View our map of Guildford (PDF) which provides an overview of areas and rents in Guildford.

As Guildford is highly competitive area for student accommodation you should also consider nearby towns that all have good transport links to the University:

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