Viewing properties

Read our guidance for viewing properties to ensure that your entry into the rental market is smooth. 

Be prepared

When going to view a property it is essential that you ask plenty of questions. Questions you may wish to ask include:

Around the property

  1. What transport links are nearby?
  2. Is there parking/bike storage?


  1. Does the property feel cold?
  2. Is there double glazing?
  3. Do the windows close properly and are they lockable?


  1. What kind of heating is used in the house?
  2. Is there adequate ventilation in the kitchen and the bathroom?
  3. Ask for a demonstration on how the heating and plumbing work. Is it easy, does it work well?

Inside the property (rooms)

  1. Are there any signs of damp, mould or discolouration around the windows or on the walls or ceiling? (make sure you look behind furniture and curtains)
  2. Is the property furnished, if so what is included?
  3. Are there fire alarms and CO2 detectors?
  4. Does the house have fire doors?


  1. Is there a window, radiator or fan in the bathroom?
  2. Is the ceiling cracking and peeling?
  3. What is the water pressure like?


  1. What state is the garden in?
  2. Is it your responsibility to maintain it?
  3. Will it be in a good condition once you move in?

Financial matters

  1. What deposit protection scheme is the deposit held in?
  2. Are there any bulls or insurance included in the rent?

Other things to consider

Unable to view a property?

If you are unable to view a property in person, ask a trusted friend or family member to view it on your behalf. Make sure to provide them with a list of questions to ask and to take photos. If you are viewing with the landlord arrange a Skype or FaceTime call and ask them to show you around the whole house.

Talk to any current tenants

It is always worth talking to any current tenants that are around when viewing a property. They may be able to give you an insight into what the house and the landlord is like.

Get any verbal agreements in writing

If the landlord or agent makes verbal agreements with you such as 'new furniture will be put into the flat', or certain things 'will be fixed before you move in'. Make sure you get this in writing via email or put into the contract before signing it.


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