Scholarly Identifiers

Resolving ambiguity in the identity of an author or a research output is key to ensuring maximum research impact. The use of internationally recognised persistent identifiers helps increase the visibility of your research profile and ensures your work is correctly attributed to you.

ORCID - the identifier for Researchers

Your Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier: 

  • distinguishes you and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you
  • reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations
  • improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs
  • is interoperable (works with many institutions, funders, and publishers)
  • is persistent
Diagram showing links between ORCID iD and Researchers, publishers, employers and funders


ORCID iD and you:

Watch the Why ORCID? video 

ORCID @ Surrey

You can create a new ORCID or connect your existing ORCID iD to your University identity easily.

ORCID is the number one independent identifier for researchers and it’s the preferred choice by funders and publishers. 

Researchfish is integrated with ORCID pushing and pulling publication information between the two systems. 

How to create or connect your ORCID iD.

  1. Go to Surrey’s tailored landing page (using your Surrey’s details) 
  2. Click on the button Create or Connect your ORCID iD 
  3. Sign into ORCID using your university email address and password - that's all, you will get your iD
  4. You can start personalising your account or providing your publishers and funder with your iD
DOIs: identifiers for articles, data and theses

A Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, is a persistent alphanumeric identifier for journal articles, data, theses, videos, etc. DOIs do not change; even if your publisher or data repository changes the DOI assigned to your output will remain the same, making it possible to identify it as yours and as the correct version, no matter what. DOIs can also help with plagiarism screening, cited-by linking, text, and data mining, etc. 

Getting a DOI for your research outputs provides a permanent and unambiguous link to them, so makes it much easier for others to find them and cite them correctly.

DOIs for Data

More and more journals require authors to supply a DOI for their data, which will direct readers to the location of supporting data. The easiest way to meet this requirement is to deposit your data in an external repository. The repository will mint a DOI for you as part of the depositing process. For guidance on external repositories, see our pages on Preserving Your Research

 If you are unable to find a suitable external repository, you can upload your data in the University’s own data repository. Once again, you will be issued with a DOI as part of the process. 

Please note: Currently, we can only accept data that is publicly sharable on the University’s data repository. If you are unable to find a suitable data repository and you are unable to use the University’s repository email us at

Remember: the more information you provide on the metadata record, the better the metadata, and the more discoverable, reusable, and citable your datasets. 


Useful links

Resolve a DOI

ISBN – the identifier for books

An ISBN is a persistent identifier only for only books, monographs or conference proceedings. It allows different product forms and editions of a book, whether printed or digital, to be clearly identifiable. It facilitates compilation and updating of book-trade directories and bibliographic databases, such as repositories. 

ISBN @ Surrey 

The University of Surrey holds a licence to register ISBNs. 

If you are hosting a conference and need an ISBN for your conference proceedings, please email us the details of the conference and we will allocate an ISBN. 

Similarly, if you want to privately publish a book send us the information and we will assign a ISBN for the title. 

These works can also be made available via the SRI open access repository.

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