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Dr Matthew Turner


Qualifications: MMath (UEA), PhD (UEA)

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6183
Room no: 01 AA 04

Further information


I obtained an MMath degree at the UEA in 2002 before completing my PhD in Fluid Dynamics in 2006, also at the UEA, under the supervision of Dr Paul Hammerton. After this I spent 3 years at the University of Exeter working with Prof. Andrew Gilbert, before moving to the Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratories ar the University of Brighton, where I worked with Prof. Sergei Sazhin.


I started my current position here at Surrey in May 2010.


For more information, visit my personal web page.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of fluid dynamics, in particular:

  • Boundary layer receptivity
  • Vortex dynamics
  • Jet stability and breakup
  • General flow stability

For more information on my research interests, see the research page of my personal web site.

For more information on my publications, including draft copies of papers, see the publications page of my personal web page.

Journal articles

  • Turner MR, Berger MA. (2011) 'Braiding exponents as a measure of mixing in coherent vortices'. Fluid Dyn. Res., 43 10.1088/0169-5983/43/3/035501
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Healey JJ, Sazhin SS, Piazzesi R. (2011) 'Stability analysis and break-up length calculations for steady planar liquid jets'. J. Fluid Mech, 668, pp. 384-411.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Thuburn J, Gilbert AD. (2009) 'The influence of periodic islands in the flow on a scalar tracer in the presence of a steady source'. Phys. Fluids, 21 (6)
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Bassom AP, Gilbert AD. (2009) 'Diffusion and the formation of vorticity staircases in randomly strained two-dimensional vortices'. J. Fluid Mech, 638, pp. 49-72.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Gilbert AD. (2009) 'Spreading of two-dimensional axisymmetric vortices exposed to a rotating strain field'. J. Fluid Mech., 630, pp. 155-177.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Hammerton PW. (2009) 'Analysis of the unstable Tollmien-Schlichting mode on bodies with a rounded leading edge using the parabolized stability equation'. J. Fluid Mech, 623, pp. 167-185.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Gilbert AD, Thuburn J. (2008) 'Effective diffusion of scalar fields in a chaotic flow'. Phys. Fluids, 20 (10)
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Gilbert AD. (2008) 'Thresholds for the formation of satellites in two--dimensional vortices'. J. Fluid Mech, 614, pp. 381-405.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Gilbert AD, Bassom AP. (2008) 'Neutral modes of a two-dimensional vortex and their link to persistent cat's eyes'. Phys. Fluids, 20 (2)
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Gilbert AD. (2007) 'Linear and nonlinear decay of cat's eyes in two-dimensional vortices, and the link to Landau poles'. J. Fluid Mech, 593, pp. 255-279.
  • Turner MR. (2007) 'Far downstream analysis for the Blasius boundary-layer stability problem'. QJMAM, 60 (3), pp. 255-274.
    [ Status: Published ]
  • Turner MR, Hammerton PW. (2006) 'Asymptotic receptivity analysis and the Parabolized Stability Equation : a combined approach to boundary layer transition'. J. Fluid Mech, 562, pp. 355-382.
    [ Status: Published ]
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