Published: 25 February 2014

Experts give practical advice to women to get ahead in business

On Wednesday 12 March, Surrey Business School at the University of Surrey will host an evening of networking, presentations and workshops for women, delivered by experts from across the local business community.

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It will help provide aspiring entrepreneurs, ambitious employees and established business leaders, with the tools they need to grow and develop their business, while building important relationships with other key members of the business community.

Opening the event, guest speaker Dr Almuth McDowall, Lecturer in Occupational & Organisational Psychology at the University of Surrey, will discuss important issues related to a work-life balance.

“Although achieving a work-life balance is often seen as a working women’s issue, in reality it affects us all. What is important is recognising your own needs and wants in your own unique situation. By exploring this challenge both psychologically, and from a female perspective, I hope to offer insight alongside practical tips to help women make the most of their time, in both business and their wider lives,” said Dr McDowall.

Women in Business 2014 is an annual conference, held as part of the Business School’s ongoing Women in Business programme. With regular events throughout the year, the programme offers practical advice, support and valuable networking opportunities for women at all stages of their business careers.  

This year, Women in Business is being held in support International Women’s Day, a day of recognition that aims to inspire and celebrate achievements.

Those attending will be able to choose from a range of interactive seminars led by business leaders from across the community, including Louise Punter, Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers of Commerce. “Surrey has a very vibrant business community and it is important that women are encouraged to make the most of the strong business development opportunities the region has to offer,” she said.

“Surrey Business School’s Women in Business series enables attendees to freely share their passion for innovation, to collaborate and to build long-term, profitable business relationships. The combination of the School’s academic expertise, its strong relationships with local businesses and its focus on practical self-improvement, makes it a valuable resource for women at all stages of their career.”

Event overview

Guest speaker

'The Psychology of Work-Life Balance – different for women than for men?'
Dr Almuth- McDowall MSc Occupational and Organistional Psychology Course Director

Interactive Seminars

Accessing Business Support in Surrey
Louise Punter, Chief Executive of Surrey Chambers of Commerce

Harnessing Ideas, Growing Your Business
Dr Elaine Hickmott MBA, Founder and Business Alchemist, EH Enterprises

Business Development - Common Questions Answered
Celia Gaffney, Business Development Manager, Research & Enterprise Support, University of Surrey

Pitching your Business
Richard Barker, Entrepreneur in Residence, Surrey Incubator

Informal networking with food and wine at the University of Surrey’s Lakeside Restaurant


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