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Published: 13 July 2017

Innovative study awarded 1.4m Euro grant to examine discrimination faced by LGBTQ community

By Natasha Meredith

The University of Surrey’s Department of Sociology, in collaboration with partners from University of Strathclyde, Scotland, University of Coimbra, Portugal and Alice Salomon University, Berlin has been awarded a 1.4 million Euro grant from NORFACE, a collaborative partnership of national research funding agencies across 19 European countries. 

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In the first ever study of its kind, researchers will investigate the complex and multiple discriminations faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people from England, Scotland, Portugal and Germany at three ‘transition’ points in life: school to work, employment progression in mid-life and the shift into retirement and its implications for end of life. Such milestones are key indicators of the levels of discrimination faced by LGBTQ people.

The project will also scrutinize how factors such as sexuality, gender, gender identity, social class, citizenship status and ethnicity intersect in different contexts and have effects on the inequalities faced by LGBTQ people throughout life.  

The findings from this study will help inform future policy and research agendas.

Lead investigator Dr Andrew King from the University of Surrey, said: “This innovative and cross-national study will give us a real insight into the discrimination faced by LGBTQ people at key milestones throughout their lives and how these shape their life course.  Being able to compare data from different European countries is a real step forward in this respect.

“We will also be using social simulation modelling for the very first time in relation to LGBTQ inequalities and this will provide not only new insights but be a useful tool for policy making in the future. I’m delighted to be the principal investigator on this project, collaborating with co-investigators: Professor Yvette Taylor (Strathclyde), Dr Ana Cristina Santos (Coimbra) and Professor María do Mar Castro Varela (Alice Salomon) on this ground-breaking project.

“Understanding the inequalities experienced by LGBTQ people across the life course will help us better tackle discrimination and make it a thing of the past.”

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