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My Surrey MBA Experience: Chembo Litana

Rapporteur at SADC parliamentary Forum, Chembo shares her experiences studying for an MBA at Surrey

Why did you choose an MBA at Surrey University?

The course structure of the Surrey MBA contains the relevant and fundamental modules I was looking for, also including contemporary subjects such as Digital Platforms.  Secondly, the University of Surrey has been well-ranked over the last 5 years, has a beautiful green campus and is in a serene location.


How do you plan to implement what you learnt in class at work?

My conversations with business people have changed. The way that I read and analyse the news and other information has changed. It has been mentally challenging and thought-provoking and I will certainly be able to apply what I have learnt.


What is the most useful skill you have learned during your time on the MBA course so far?

My professional background is the non-profit sector, and I had minimal understanding of the for-profit sector and how business works. Thus, I have developed a new analytical skillset that is valuable to my understanding of the way the business world operates. Courses such as Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Consumer Behaviour have formed a major part of the analytical skills I have gained.


What new opportunities have you gained being at Surrey?

The networking events I have been attending have and will open many doors. Listening to and interacting with successful business people has opened my mind to various potential business opportunities. I am less fearful of failing and I feel more confident about running my own businesses in the future.