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My Surrey MBA Experience: Dennis Aguma

Business Incubation Manager at Kingston University, Dennis shares his experiences studying for an MBA at Surrey

Why did you choose an MBA at Surrey University?

Before I joined Surrey, I was heavily involved in enterprise facilitation in HEIs. I wanted to do an MBA that complimented my carrier path, so chose the Surrey MBA partly because of its focus on Innovation, entrepreneurship and the digital economy. As well as the rankings, the course was only 12 months, and the campus was local. It also helped that I was offered a scholarship, which meant I didn’t have to struggle with the fees.


How do you plan to implement what you learnt in class at work?

What I learnt in class has been spot on and immediately relevant in my career. For instance, I organised the Leap Conference in Uganda which was centred around design thinking, which was one of the modules we started in class. I also mentor loads of young people, particularly those in technology, and the knowledge from entrepreneurship was immediately applicable.


What is the most useful skill you have learned during your time on the MBA course so far?

Negotiation, and people skills.


What new opportunities have you gained being at Surrey?

I’m currently interviewing for interesting roles in enterprise facilitation. We also recently submitted a proposal to ministries of Education (Uganda) as well as that of Gender Labour and Social Development (Uganda) regarding embedding enterprise in the academic nations education DNA.