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My Surrey MBA Experience: Noura Hamzeh

Quality Controller - GlobeMed, Noura shares her experiences studying for an MBA at Surrey

Why did you choose an MBA at Surrey University?

When I was looking for universities to do my MBA, one of my main concerns was the courses offered in the programme. The courses offered at Surrey are very well integrated and they cover pretty much everything one should need to capture the corporate image in the business world. Also, I must not miss the fact that the reputation of the university is excellent in the UK, and as an international, I can say with confidence that University of Surrey was highly recommended by many university fairs and also Surrey Alumni.


How do you plan to implement what you learnt in class at work?

Every piece of information we learnt in this programme can be implemented at any work place, disregarding the sector or the industry. The assignments that we had for all the courses were very beneficial because they all related to real life situations and can be considered as a preparation for dealing with organisational problems, whether internal or external.


What is the most useful skill you have learned during your time on the MBA course so far? 

The most important skill I learnt in this programme was time management. The load of work was scary, but when I learnt how to organise my schedule and set deadlines, everything turned out to be manageable. Also another important skill is multi-tasking. Keeping in mind the big load of work, I did not have much time to work on one assignment at a time. So the schedules I was setting for myself consisted of working on several tasks at once.


What new opportunities have you gained being at Surrey?

The best opportunity I had was having a personal career coach throughout the whole year. Our career coach was always there to guide us on how to build a CV, dos and don’ts in professional emails, job interviews preparation and improving presentation skills. This is one of the elements that gives the MBA programme at the University of Surrey its uniqueness among other universities offering this programme.