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Prof Anthony TS Ho and Dr Shujun Li's new book on multimedia forensics

Handbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Data and Devices, a new book co-edited by Prof Anthony TS Ho and Dr Shujun Li of the Department's Secure Systems group, is to be published in September 2015 by John, Wiley & Sons, Inc., jointly with the IEEE Press.

This book focuses on the interface between digital forensics and multimedia forensics, bringing two closely related fields of forensic expertise together to identify and understand the current state-of-the-art in digital forensic investigation. Both fields are expertly attended to by contributions from researchers and forensic practitioners specializing in diverse topics such as forensic authentication, forensic triage, forensic photogrammetry, biometric forensics, multimedia device identification, and image forgery detection, among many others.


The book contains 16 chapters  which are contributed by invited researchers active in the field and are grouped into 4 parts on multimedia evidence handling, digital evidence extraction, multimedia device and source forensics, and multimedia content forensics.


The book can now be ordered at Amazon and sample pages can be found on Google Books. The book has a companion website at which provides more supplementary materials to the printed book.


In addition to being co-editors of the book, Prof Ho and Dr Li are also co-authors of Chapter 1 "Digital Forensics Laboratories in Operation: How are Multimedia Data and Devices Handled?" and Chapter 2 "Standards and Best Practices in Digital and Multimedia Forensics" of the book.