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Surrey welcomes colleagues from partner Egyptian universities

Funding available under round 2 of the International Credit Mobility (ICM) project enabled the Global Engagement Office to host thirteen visitors from three Egyptian partner universities namely Cairo, Alexandria and Benha.

Prof Vince Emery (Senior Vice-President, Global Engagement and Strategy) and visitors from Cairo University led by their Dean of Engineering, Prof El Sayed Tageldin (middle).

The delegates included senior staff members such as the President of Benha University, Deans of Engineering, Head of Poultry diseases, Professor of Cardiology, Professor of Animal breeding & Genetics and Director of International Relations.


During their individual weeks at Surrey, they met with Prof Vince Emery (Senior Vice-President, Global Engagement and Strategy), Prof Jane Powell (Vice-Provost, Education and Students), Prof Adel Sharif (Director, Centre for Osmosis Research & Applications), Associate Deans International for all faculties and other senior colleagues.


In addition to meetings, the visitors also toured the 5G Centre with Prof Rahim Tafazolli (Director of 5G Centre) and the ATI with Prof Ravi Silva (Director of Advanced Technology Institute).  They met Dr Malcolm Parry at the Research Park and were shown around the Vet School by Prof Rob La Ragione (Head of Department of Pathology & Infectious Diseases).


The Doctoral College Conference at the end of July was attended by two academics from Alexandria University as it coincided with their visit dates. Moreover, MoUs were signed to facilitate further interactions in key areas of research and mobility.


Surrey’s engagement has provided the Egyptian partners a platform to engage with funding opportunities through the Newton Mosharafa funds (UK).