Published: 28 April 2016

Active and seamless: A digital learning strategy for the University of Surrey

Rapid advances in technology have changed the meaning of ‘digital’. The concept has evolved from an attribute of objects to a more commonplace description of how our lives are now interwoven by technologically mediated processes. Digital, like the Internet, is embedded, embodied and everyday.

With this in mind, the digital learning strategy provides a vision of how an institution can nurture and sustain a rich portfolio of digital learning opportunities - opportunities that enable students to thrive in a modern digitally connected society.

The key messages of the digital learning strategy take into consideration the nature of a supportive digital learning environment, one that:

  1. Connects students, academics and ideas, and acknowledges pathways to future employment
  2. Opens up access to educational opportunities
  3. Embraces digital fluency as a key competence for students and staff working in the future
  4. Promotes the use of active learning spaces to motivate innovative shifts in pedagogy
  5. Provides seamless links between formal and informal learning contexts
  6. Raises and consolidates the university’s profile as a global education provider 

Download our full digital learning strategy document. [PDF, 499.72KB]

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