Published: 22 April 2020

Business and Spanish student awarded first prize for ‘Talk Qwerty to Me: The Future of Digital Marketing and Language’ article

Congratulations to Business Management and Spanish BSc (Hons) student Jake Sage who has been awarded first prize for the ‘Future of Digital Marketing Competition’ ran by agency FSE Digital.

Jake Sage - Student
Student Jake Sage pictured in Madrid

The competition advertised on SurreyLearn invited Business and Marketing students from the University of Surrey amongst other universities to share their predicted trends on the future of digital marketing in a 500-1000-word article.

The Business Management and Spanish student spent some time researching other articles on FSE Digital’s website before choosing to draw on his knowledge of linguistics. His article Talk Qwerty to Me: The Future of Digital Marketing and Language intended to match the entertaining yet informative style of FSE Digital and draws on the English ‘one size fits all’ approach often adopted by Marketeers across the world. During his placement year in Madrid, Jake recognised just how dominant the English language is in advertising. He recalls “I started to wonder why I was seeing English everywhere I went, and so I based my dissertation on the role of English in advertising and began to research the answers to some of my questions. The piece written for FSE Digital is like a little taster of that.”

Digital marketing predictions from Jake include ‘the fall of English’ where he highlights research into the trust that must be built between industry and a consumer. The continuous rise of the internet in developing countries means that companies are likely to become more multilingual, he states, “English will not be able to compete with the more intimate connection that is created by talking to someone in their mother tongue”.  

Jake who has been awarded £500 towards course books or living costs alongside a paid two-week internship with FSE Digital, reflects on being awarded first prize for the competition:

“I was totally stunned when I got the email to say I had won. It was an amazing feeling since I’ve never written an article like this before, so I didn’t know if what I had done was any good. It was such a great surprise, I called my parents to let them know, and that night we had a little quarantine-appropriate celebration in my house. All of the other articles that were published were excellent, so I was very pleased and surprised that mine was chosen with such tough competition.”

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