Published: 21 March 2018

Business School hosts Big Data conference

As a specialist in the digital economy, Surrey Business School is proud to announce it will hosting the very first Academy of Management Specialised Conference (AOM), whose theme will be on Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy, in April 2018.

Surrey Business School building

In recent years, big data and digital technologies have impacted the modern workplace and stimulated the evolution of new forms of management. The phenomenon is multifaceted and changes the way organisations compete and innovate.

It threatens long-lasting business models, and opens up new ways of creating and capturing value. This conference is an opportunity to meet those who are advancing this rapidly evolving field and jump-start your own exploration of how big data and digital technologies are changing the way you and your company work.

From research to best practices, this conference features a comprehensive programme of presentations, active learning workshops, and panel discussions.

Our award-winning researcher, author and educator Professor Annabelle Gawer is an expert on digital platforms and platform based innovative business and she is thrilled that the conference is being held at the University this year. Annabelle said: “The Academy of Management is the leading global professional association of management professors and academics, with 20,000 members worldwide. The Big Data/Digital Economy theme is an exciting relevant one for a number of us, cutting across academic disciplines, and we hope that the call for submissions will stimulate a number of exciting proposals. We expect over 400 participants from all over the world to come to Surrey on this occasion.”

Would you like to attend?

The conference will be held at Surrey Business School, in Guildford. Tickets are available via the AOM website. We look forward to welcoming you.

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