Published: 09 August 2017

Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus at Surrey

Since records began, the University of Surrey has sent more than 2,000 students to study or work to another part of the EU with Erasmus funding.

The Erasmus programme was launched in 1987 enabling students to study at a higher education institution in another European Union country. In the first year fewer than 1,000 UK students participated. Since then, the programme has developed to include 28 countries in Europe and under the International Credit Mobility stream, nearly all countries in the world. 

The programme now also includes work placements, teaching staff exchanges and staff training as well as volunteering opportunities. By 2015/16 more than 40,000 people from the UK had been abroad on the Erasmus+ scheme to study, train, volunteer or gain professional experience.

Erasmus at the University of Surrey

Surrey students have studied at 115 different partner universities and worked in more than 350 different companies. The partner universities have changed throughout the years as our degree programmes and theirs have evolved and companies have also varied, with some taking students every year, e.g. EDF since 2007, and new companies coming on stream every year. Spain, France and Germany remain the most popular destinations for students, with Italy and the Netherlands following closely behind.

We now have 50 active Erasmus partnerships, where students regularly move in both directions. In 2016/17 alone 150 students spent a period of study and/or work in another European country. Nearly all the 27 eligible countries are represented, with most in Spain (604), France (474) and Germany (330) during the 30 years, mirroring the national trends. However, over the years Surrey has seen significant numbers studying and working in Finland (108) with more than half at the University of Turku (63 since 1995).

Our two oldest Erasmus partners are Université Jean Moulin Lyon III in France and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain where we have sent 137 and 118 students respectively since 1994.

Case studies

Read about experiences of our Erasmus alumni:

For more information on ERASMUS Plus check out the ERASMUS website.

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