Published: 03 October 2020

Directors’ message: Charting Surrey’s Post-Covid Rescue, Recovery and Growth report

Greetings all! Another exciting update. The Centre for Britain and Europe has recently completed an in-depth report, entitled “Charting Surrey’s Post-Covid Rescue, Recovery and Growth”.

Commissioned by the Future Economy Surrey Commission, this comprehensive report incorporates detailed analysis and strategic recommendations gathered from key business, healthcare, aviation and knowledge economy stakeholders from across Surrey between June - October 2020.

It explores the impact that Covid-19 has had upon the county, as well as identifying pre-Covid strengths and challenges, and discussing the various strategic recommendations necessary to enable Surrey’s recovery, and subsequent growth and prosperity.

This is a landmark report, reflecting on the lessons learned and the opportunities that lie ahead for Surrey. Chaired by the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Philip Hammond, the Future Economy Surrey Commission has drawn upon the extensive data and analysis within the report in its various recommendations to ensure Surrey’s overall recovery.  

We’ll be launching the report on November 12 and the report itself will be available for download on the CBE research page.

Professor Amelia Hadfield and Dr Alia Middleton

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