Published: 18 January 2021

Dr Demi Krystallidou Co-authors Position Paper on Healthcare Communication during COVID-19

Member of the Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) at the University of Surrey has recently co-authored a position paper that looks into healthcare communication associated to COVID-19, providing critical observations and suggesting ways forward for the communication in the healthcare sector during pandemics.

The position paper was written by an international group of experts of the Policy & Practice subcommittee of the International Association for Communication in Healthcare (pEACH), and was co-led by Dr Sarah WhiteFaculty of Medicine, Macquarie University, Australia, and Dr Demi Krystallidou, Centre for Translation Studies (CTS), University of Surrey. The authors provide a critical reflection on challenges in healthcare communication during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss approaches that could potentially mitigate them, inform policy and practice, and improve healthcare communication as a whole during pandemics.  

Here are some of the highlights that are discussed in the paper:

  • Communication in healthcare and COVID-19 have a mutually influential relationship that is informed by policy and has influenced practice. 
  • The fast-pace at which policies have been developed for practice necessitates critical reflection. 
  • Evidence-based guidance for communication in healthcare in COVID-19 is central to shaping approaches to public health communication. 
  • Evidence-based guidance is also necessary for the challenges faced in communicating with patients, their families, and carers during COVID-19.

Some of the practical implications of the paper are a summary of key areas for development in communication in healthcare during COVID-19 and recommendations for improvement associated to a call to review policies and practice in order to build resilience and inclusive and equitable responsiveness in communication in healthcare. 

The paper is available here.

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