Published: 19 October 2017

Dr Jeremy Barham invited to prestigious Liszt Academy as Visiting Professor

Dr Jeremy Barham will be attending the Liszt Academy at the invitation of Professor Lóránt Péteri.

This November, Dr Jeremy Barham, Reader in Music, will be attending the Liszt Academy in Budapest as a Visiting Professor.

Dr Barham was invited to attend the academy by Professor Lóránt Péteri of the Musicology Department at Liszt.

The Liszt Academy, one of the most prestigious of Europe's music academies, was founded in 1875 by Hungary's most celebrated musical export: Franz Liszt. Website:

During his Visiting Professorship, Dr Barham will provide a lecture series to students and staff focussing on film music, and covering topics such as silent film accompaniment, the Hollywood 'Golden Age', Hitchcock's Vertigo, jazz in film, the scoring of sci-fi cinema, and the use of pre-existent music in film.

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