Published: 26 November 2015

EEE Departmental Prize for Excellence in Research awarded to Dr Philip Coleman (CVSSP)

Congratulations to Dr Philip Coleman who has been awarded the 2015 Departmental Prize for Excellence in Research for his work in Spatial Audio.

The EEE Departmental Prize is awarded annually for outstanding research achievements over the period of 18 months preceding the nomination deadline. The prize is open to academic and academic-related members of staff in the Department.

Phil was selected for the award by the Departments Industrial Advisory Board following a presentation of his research in object-based spatial audio on the S3A Programme Grant (S3A Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience) and his PhD research in the PosZ project (Perceptually Optimised Sound Zones).   He will give a presentation of his research work on 18th May 2016 at which the Prize will be awarded by Chris Firth, Chair of the IAB.   On hearing of his award Phil commented “ I was pleased to take the opportunity to present my spatial audio research to the IAB and I’m honoured to receive this award”.

Prof Adrian Hilton, Head of Department (Research) commented “This is an excellent achievement and recognition of the quality and impact of Philip’s research”.

More information about Phil’s research can be found here.

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