Published: 26 April 2019

Executive Education Programme in Convenience Retailing

University of Surrey’s Department of Marketing and Retail Management has announced a new partnership with the ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) to offer the first ever Diploma in Convenience Retailing.

The Head of Department Christoph Teller comments: “Convenience retailing is one very relevant research areas in the Department, for example recent research by Steve Wood evidenced that with town centres being under pressure by e-commerce  convenience stores play an anchor role and are vital for the sustainability of the town centre. Research by Sabine and myself relating to on-the-go shopping just found that for branded, pre-packed products speed and price are more relevant for store choice and a wider range of stores are considered, whereas for fresh products consumers care less about speed and price and atmosphere and service level are more important and they are more likely to stick to their preferred store. With all the research going on, we feel very well equipped as a department to offer a programme like this.” Sabine Benoit, professor of marketing and academic director of the Diploma in Convenience Retailing at Surrey Business School said: “We at Surrey Business School are very proud to be delivering this programme in partnership with ACS. There couldn’t be a better partner than the ACS to this and we look forward to taking on the first cohort of students in January 2020.” In case of interest, please feel free to contact 

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