Published: 08 August 2022

Former MA Translation student wins ITI’s Best Student Research Award 2022

Former student of the Centre for Translation Studies received the ITI's Best Student Research Award 2022.

Karen Curtis, a part-time Master’s in Translation student at the University of Surrey from 2019 to 2021, received the award for her MA dissertation entitled “Is the Jury Still Out on ISO 20771? An Analysis of the Potential Value of ISO 20771 for the UK Legal Translation Market.”

ISO 20771 is unique as the first specialist translation standard and the first standard for individual translators. The initial interest in the UK has been hesitant and further research into ISO 20771’s relevance for the UK market was called for to scope out the standard’s potential in the UK.

Initiated as part of the ATC’s Collaborative MA Project Programme, this research spans the boundary between the publication of international standards, and their potential relevance to a specific market and audience. Karen’s research is an early look into the issue and addresses an underlying key question: who do we develop ISO standards for, and what use are they? The results indicates that the value of ISO 20771 differs according to the role of the participant in the UK translation market.

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