Published: 06 September 2017

Grant Success for CPE

Mitigating Global Warming in Latin America.

The CPE Department has recently won an internal grant competition for the so called EPSRC global challenges research Fund. The project is entitled “Catalytic Solutions to Mitigate Global Warming in Latin America”  where Dr Tomas Ramirez-Reina will be the Principal Investigator and Professor Harvey Arellano-Garica and Professor Angela Namor from Chemistry will be the co-investigators. The aim of the project is to explore the viability of the catalytic technology under development at Surrey as an efficient route for CO2 conversion into added value products and to explore the implementation of this technology in Latin American countries. As part of the project, Surrey will be hosting a workshop next January where they will gather experts in CO2 conversion technologies from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the UK.

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