Published: 20 April 2020

Guildford Living Lab publishes air pollution mitigation strategies for protecting young children

A study has been published in a top-ranked journal, Environment International.

The previous strand of this work appeared widely in prestigious global media outlets, including the BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Huffington Post. This vast dissemination has helped to raise parents’ awareness and influence a positive paradigm shift in their child pick-up and drop-off routines.


Sharma, A., Kumar, P., 2020. Quantification of air pollution exposure to in-pram babies and mitigation strategies. Environment international. Free download link.


This work is carried out under the MAPE Project, supported by an industry partner (BRIZI Ltd.), an EPSRC PhD studentship (1948919), and Guildford Living Lab. It builds upon previous GCARE research into air pollution mitigation for in-pram babies.

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