Published: 19 July 2017

Immersions exhibition showcases collaboration of artists, designers and engineers

This July, Digital World Research Centre presented the exhibition Immersions at the Lewis Elton Gallery.

Professor David Frohlich, Kaihe Guo, Ethel Davies and Christian Kroos displayed works exploring the topic ‘water’ using 2D and 3D photography, spatial audio, video and installation art.

The concept of Immersions, ‘Gliding under the surface of a photograph, sinking into the depth of sound, being washed away by video’ was devised by Professor David Frohlich.

The collaboration between artists, designers and engineers showcased three exhibits:

Healing Waters, an immersive water projection with 3D sound by Professor David Frohlich, Kaihe Go, River Yingchian Li, Jean-Yves Guillemaut and Philip Jackson, provided a ‘mediation on the calming properties of water.’

The Transfiguration of Water created by Ethel Davies displayed a film of still stereographic images from a 3D perspective demonstrating the ‘changing nature of the liquid form.’

Complicit Inundation by Christian Kroos explored the Emily Dickinson quote ‘You cannot fold a floor and put it in a drawer.’

In a public lecture the artists explained the choice of water as a subject matter as it is ‘visually and sonically diverse, associated with immersion.’ It became a subject matter to explore through the immersive properties of images and sounds of water, experienced at different scales.

Professor David Frohlich commented, ‘This was a new kind of project for Digital World led by artists rather than designers or engineers, but involving input from all these disciplines to explore the future of personal media.  It was amazing to see the diversity of views expressed in our public lecture on the making of the installations, and to see this reflected in the works themselves’. 

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