Published: 01 December 2020

Katie is awarded Developmental Science Early Career Researcher Prize.

Katie has been awarded the Developmental Science Early Career Researcher prize for her paper: Gilligan, K. A., Thomas, M. S., & Farran, E. K. (2019). First demonstration of effective spatial training for near-transfer to spatial performance and far-transfer to a range of mathematics skills at 8 years. Developmental Science.

The paper is significant because it is one of the first studies to investigate the impact of training spatial skills on mathematical performance. The training provides convincing evidence that spatial reasoning has a causal impact mathematics performance. Within the paper, Katie cleverly proposes why the causal associations were evident. From a practical perspective, this paper has important implications in the classroom. That is, the findings suggest that the use of instructional videos and other forms of spatial instruction offer a novel, effective way of improving mathematics achievement. Thus, the paper makes significant and important contributions to both theory and practice.

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