Published: 27 July 2021

Launch of new mental health and wellbeing podcast

Our new podcast, A Safe Space, features candid and positive conversations about mental health and wellbeing. We caught up with hosts Laurence, Ian and Simon to find out about what they’re hoping to achieve, and why mental health and wellbeing are important to them.

Where did the idea for the podcast first come from?

Laurence: "This is a key time for mental health in the UK – it’s finally part of the agenda and there’s a lot of activity around awareness and encouraging people to think differently. We wanted to join that conversation."

Ian: "Throughout lockdown, I’ve been sharing my personal journey with exercise and wellbeing through my Instagram and people responded really positively to it. It got me thinking, ‘What else can I do to talk about mental health?’ and it went from there."

Simon: "We were having these discussions among ourselves and thought ‘Other people could find this helpful’, so why not put it out there for everybody to listen to?"

Are there any personal motivations for this?

Laurence: "As a mental health nurse, I’ve always been passionate about encouraging men to talk about their problems. It can be very difficult for men to discuss their feelings and admit they’re not OK. This is something I’ve experienced. The past year has shown that raising awareness of issues we all face, by being open and honest, can really help."

Ian: "I’ve had my own struggles with mental health and I’ve been lucky to find others who’ve had similar experiences to me that I can speak to. We all have highs and lows. I want to normalise this, putting a spotlight on the areas people struggle to express."

Simon: "Like Laurence and Ian, I want people to be comfortable asking questions and engaging in difficult conversations. As a society, we’re very shy and coy when it comes to speaking about our wellbeing. We need to change the stigma around this."

What topics will you be talking about?

Laurence: "We’re going to be talking about everything from body image, identity and self-harm, to bereavement, faith and communities."

Ian: "We’ll also be interviewing guest speakers to bring in their unique perspectives."

Simon: "No issue will be off-limits – as the name suggests, this is A Safe Space."

What would make the show a success in your eyes?

Laurence: "I’d say it’s about having open and honest conversations while having some fun! If we’ve still got jobs at the end of it, then we’re onto a winner!"

Ian: "Similar to Laurence, it’s about having those candid discussions. If I can walk away and I’ve learnt about things outside of my sphere of influence, then it’s a bonus!"

Simon: "If we can help just one person, then it’ll all be worthwhile."

Any final remarks?

All: "We hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!"

Laurence: "Be sure to follow our Instagram channel @asafespacepodcast for exclusive clips."

Ian: "Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify and other platforms to be notified when we release a new episode."

Simon: "Drop one of us an email if you want us to talk about a specific topic or you’d like to join one of our conversations:

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