Published: 06 October 2016

Ogden Schools Physicist of the Year 2015/16

Ogden Schools Physicist of the Year 2015/16

Year 10

  • Elizabeth Dodson (The Warwick School)
  • Katie Simpson (Tormead School)
  • Yasmin Pither (Howard of Effingham)
  • Jac Cleaver (Witgift School)
  • Annabel Chantry (Guildford High School)
  • Lily Makin (Robertsbridge CC)
  • Jessica Winterborne (George Abbot School)
  • Beth Burls (Stanley Park High)
  • Anna Page (The Royal School)
  • Hannah Robertson (Saint Cecilia's Church of England School)
  • Ella Clyne (The Weald School)
  • Ben Kremer (Eastbourne College)

Year 12

  • Jemima Tranter (Tormead School)
  • Alex Burns (Becan Academy)
  • Hayden Dorahy (Howard of Effingham)
  • Alice Robinson (Esher College)
  • Sophie Peggs (Esher College)
  • Harry Coomer (Witgift School)
  • Sophie Chua (Guildford High School)
  • Edward Maylex (Overton Grange)
  • Janek Bober-Irizar (George Abbot School)
  • Bethany Terris (The Regis School)
  • Sarah Wolstencroft (Stanley Park High)
  • Ben Ansell (The Weald School)
  • Lweis Napper (Therfield)
  • Sophie Palacci (Dunottar School)
  • Joshua Sweeny (All Hallows 6th form college)
  • Thomas Alston (Eastbourne College)
  • Vicky Lin (Hurtwood House School)

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