Published: 24 April 2018

Open data and e-governments: supporting social and economic development in Latin America

Governments are releasing large amounts of data in open format with the expectation to contribute to global development goals, such as economic growth, job creation, social and economic inclusion and access to public services such as healthcare. Carla Bonina is exploring this further.

Abstract image of a representation of digital data

My current programme of research examines how open government data fosters innovation and contributes to economic and social development in Latin America. It employs a multi-method approach using several case studies in the region to answer two related questions:

  • How do open data platforms enable innovation in Latin America?
  • How can social innovation ventures exploit the benefits of open data in a sustainable and inclusive way?

On completion, this research will provide governments with practical guidelines to grow and nurture an ecosystem of innovators needed to unlock the developmental value of open data. It will also equip tech entrepreneurs, NGOs and social innovators in Latin America with powerful tools to generate or escalate ventures based on open data in a sustainable way.

Key partners in the region include the Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA), Avina Americas and the InterAmerican Development Bank, among others. 

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