Published: 22 May 2017


Find your PGR Representative by department.

Faculty PGR Representatives by Department





Joseph Grilli FASS Economics (Four Year) PhD
Valentina Dedi FASS Economics PhD
Ivan Mowse FASS English (Literature, Creative Writing and Film Studies) PhD
Mine Sevinc FASS English (Literature, Creative Writing and Film Studies) PhD
Mona Aljuwair FASS Health Care Management and Policy Research PhD
Konstantina Georgiou FASS Languages and Translation Studies PhD
Katrien Steenmans FASS Law PhD
Francisco Trincado Munoz FASS Management (Four Year) PhD
Tim Wray FASS Management PhD
Emma Hawkins FASS Mathematics PhD
Alexander Harden FASS Music PhD
David Southgate FASS Politics PhD
Amy Kirby FASS Sociology PhD
Emily Setty FASS Sociology PhD
Julia Peetz FASS Theatre PhD
Purimprach Sangkaew FASS Tourism PhD
Laurence Stant FEPS ATI (Elec Eng) PhD
Jonas Urbonas FEPS ATI (Elec Eng) PhD
Tomas Peach FEPS ATI (Physics) PhD
Zoe Bushell FEPS ATI (Physics) PhD
Sapanna Laysiriroj FEPS CES
Joesry Fouad El Hebieshy FEPS Chemical and Process Engineering Research PhD
Adam Bromley FEPS Chemistry PhD
Lorraine Ezra FEPS Chemistry PhD
Laura Kent FEPS Chemistry PhD
Friday Ekuje FEPS Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD
Georgios Nikitas FEPS Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD
Jorden Whitefield FEPS Computing
Alexander Freestone FEPS CVSSP (Elec Eng) PhD
Joshua Bates FEPS Engineering Materials (MES) PhD
Sapanna Laysiriroj FEPS Environment and Sustainability PhD
Shihang Bao  FEPS Institute for Communication Systems (Elec Eng) PhD
Mazhar Kusbeci FEPS M.E.S. Automotive Engineering and Aerodynamics & Environmental Flow
Daniel Ratliff FEPS Mathematics PhD
Roberto Sisca FEPS Mathematics PhD
Sean Cleator  FEPS Mathematics PhD
Ralitsa Ilieva FEPS Nuclear Physics PhD
Ryan Wilkinson FEPS Nuclear Physics PhD
Asma Seddaoui FEPS SSC (Elec Eng) PhD
Andreas Psomas FHMS Biochemistry and Physiology PhD
Henry Ashpitel FHMS Biochemistry and Physiology PhD
Jason George FHMS Doctor of Medicine (Nutritional Sciences)
Samantha Cockle FHMS Health Psychology
Clare Phillips FHMS Health Sciences PhD
Sarah Bolger FHMS Health Sciences PhD
Wendy Grosvenor FHMS Health Sciences PhD
Nada Al Saeedi FHMS Nutritional Sciences PhD
Anna-Stiina Wallinheimo FHMS Psychology PhD
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