Published: 03 July 2020

Professor Nigel Morgan gives evidence to the Welsh Parliament

This week, Professor Nigel Morgan, Head of School of Hospitality and Tourism gave evidence to the Welsh Parliament’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee, regarding the impact Covid-19 has had and will have on tourism and hospitality in Wales.

(C) Grant Pritchard/University of Surrey
Professor Nigel Morgan
Professor Nigel Morgan

After previously giving evidence to the Parliament in 2017 for the Committee’s inquiry into ‘Selling Wales to the World’, the Committee’s secretary contacted Professor Morgan to provide his expert knowledge on the current climate and the impact of Covid-19.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the debate was conducted via video conferencing platform and aired live on Senedd TV.

The areas of concern for the Committee included:

  • Understanding the challenges facing hospitality, retail and tourism
  • Obtaining views on government business support – both current and future
  • Discussing the practical implications of social distancing in the workplace
  • Discussing the role businesses might play in tackling the spread of the virus
  • Understanding the short and longer-term issues that need to be addressed.

In his evidence, Professor Morgan highlighted that:

  • 10,500 jobs have already been lost in north Wales alone (a quarter of the entire hospitality and tourism workforce in the region) 
  • Estimates suggest there has been a 30 per cent employment reduction in the sector, with 500 jobs being lost a week in the six North Wales local authorities alone
  • Tourism is the third-largest sector for direct employment in Wales and the largest sector for employment and job creation for 16-24-year olds
  • The Welsh economy is losing £25.5m a day or £178.3m on average a week in tourism spend, which equates to £2.5b over the lockdown period, to date.

These figures emphasise the detrimental effects of the pandemic, but we extend our thanks to Professor Morgan for sharing his expert knowledge with the Welsh Parliament, to help guide the way in restarting the tourism and hospitality sector in Wales.

To watch Professor Morgan give evidence, you can tune in from 1 hour 4 minutes onwards, on Senedd TV.

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