Published: 09 December 2015

Quadrise and the Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry of the Department of Chemistry agree new collaboration

The Department of Chemistry and Quadrise Fuels International plc (Quadrise), the emerging supplier of MSAR, a low cost alternative to heavy fuel oil in the shipping, oil refining and power generation markets, are pleased to announce that a Collaboration Agreement has been executed between the University of Surrey and Quadrise which provides for the shared use of the University’s Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry (“CPSC”), an advanced research facility under the supervision of Professor Spencer Taylor within the Department of Chemistry.

The consideration payable by Quadrise to the University under the Agreement, which is renewable annually, is £80,000 per annum. As a result, the Company is relocating its primary emulsion fuels research base from Sweden to the UK.

The programme at the University will be directed by Professor Spence Taylor, a world class expert on surfactant and emulsion technology with over 20 years’ experience in the petroleum industry with BP, undertaking applied research to underpin intellectual property, as well as upstream and downstream businesses.

The CPSC has first class facilities and is ideally equipped with additional hardware and expertise to meet QFI’s primary and applied research needs.

Commenting on these developments:

The agreement with the University of Surrey, together with the relocation of primary research and the extension of QRF, results in the consolidation, expansion and strengthening of all our R&D activities to better serve the anticipated future needs of the Company. We are delighted to be working with Professor Taylor and his team, and to have established the framework for a long term relationship with the University.

Ian Williams, Executive Chairman of QFI.

The University of Surrey and the Department of Chemistry are delighted to establish a relationship with Quadrise. Professor Taylor of our Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry is a leading researcher in this field.  We look forward to a long, productive relationship with the company.

Professor Dulcie Mulholland, Head of the Department of Chemistry.

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