Published: 05 June 2017

Research Award for CPE PhD Student Silvia Nalesso

New collaborations between the University of Surrey and the University of Zaragoza.

Dr Judy Lee is pleased to announce that her PhD student, Silvia Nalesso, has won £4750 from the Santander Universities Postgraduate Research Award 2016/17. Silvia’s PhD project is part of the NPL/Surrey partnership, and it is about the Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) synthesis ultrasound assisted. She will use the money for visiting a research group in the University of Zaragoza, expert on MOFs production, led by Prof. Joaquin Coronas. The visit will last three months and it will be an important step for the continuation of Silvia’s project. She will have the possibility to learn new analysis techniques specialised on nanoporous particles and to get in touch with people from another environment. Finally, the visit will represent a good starting point for creating new collaborations between Surrey and Zaragoza.

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